Geeks' Views on Tablets

I participated on a Slashdot poll today on why I haven't bought a tablet yet. I answered "Needs already fulfilled by other devices." I wasn't surprised to see that I'm with the majority on this one.
I really think that tablets are designed for "normal" users, not the types of folks who read Slashdot. Jason might disagree as an iPad owner, but I think that that typical geeks (not Apple ones) are the types that couldn't stand to not have root privileges on a system they own on principle.

So it appears that most geeks aren't buying tablets because their restricted functionality isn't what we're into. I can't code or write my LaTeX thesis on an iPad, so it's not useful to me, while my MacBook Air is practically iPad-sized and gets me everything I need.

The moral of the story is the next time you see a bunch of geeks viagra cialis online pharmacy pharmacy bashing tablets as useless and, more to the point, the people who by them as stupid, please remember that these geeks are not the intended audience. Give them a cookie and a nap and they'll be back to arguing that "Opera is the superior browser and why don't more people use it?" in no time.

Medication Assistants in Nursing Homes - An Opportunity?

Medication Assistants in Nursing Homes - An Opportunity?

As many of you know, we have been asked to assist in the drafting of legislation that would add an endorsement to a Nursing Assistant Certified for the purpose of allowing a specially trained and qualified NAC to administer certain medications and treatments in nursing homes ONLY.  There would be no requirement for a nursing home to adopt this model for their own use.

There is a great deal of research from across the country analyzing the role and ideal practices surrounding a successful online pharmacy viagra assistance program in nursing homes, supporting the concept that a Medical Assistant credential could enhance quality resident care, reduce medication errors, create an opportunity for licensed nurses to expand their ability to perform the critical functions of assessment and care planning, while providing additional career mobility within the community. 

The state's Nursing Commission has offered to engage with us in further discussions about the possibility of adding such a credential to our health care system.  We are also meeting with other stakeholders to gauge interest and understand the industry's potential concerns.

To date, no legislation has been introduced.

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I Don't Need Validating

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Validating used to be what you had done to your parking ticket when you saw your lawyer downtown. Seems women need validating now. Article by Robert Leahy, director of the American Institute of Cognitive Therapy leads with the question "Why do men find it so hard to validate women?" Perhaps it's carrying around that stamp? Or punch? Maybe there's a new drug opportunity here - like that hourly cheap viagra stuff - that would allow men to be ready to validate women at will. I looked up validate: to make legally valid, to grant official sanction by marking (here we are at the parking ticket again), to substantiate, to confirm, to support or corroborate on a sound or authoritative basis. I know there perhaps is a counseling definition for this word that Leahy meant us to understand, but I don't know what it is. I do know I don't need to be validated. I do need my voice heard.

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